Our NEW UFO LED Grow Light: aluminum casing design 0.59”. compared with others ABC and plastic backing and housing, Niello 50W LED grow light more metal texture, enhanced heat dissipation, less deformation and longer product life.
Advanced Full Spectrum: 177pcs 0.3W SMD super bright LEDs, 60 degree reflector Red 630-660nm, Blue 430-460nm, White 6000-6500K, replaces HPS 100W , Perfect for all plants during vegetative or bloom growth stages.
Unique Circular Design: UFO design with a large cooling window on the rear to assist in heat dissipation and reduce the temperature. The backing is metal (to resist scratches). UFO light has a longer lifetime than previous versions!
Easy to Install: 2 ways to hang the light, with the (included) hanging kit, you can easily adjust the height. Or with screws in a fixed position. This light can also be mounted like a photo frame on a wall (side supplemental lighting). 5f US standard AC power cord with on/off switch to easily control the light.
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